Coin Specifications

Category: Standing Liberty Quarters (1916-1930)
Mint: Philadelphia
Mintage: 52,000
Obverse Designer: Hermon A. MacNeil
Reverse Designer: Hermon A. MacNeil
Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 6.2500g
ASW: 0.1808oz
Melt Value: $3.08 (9/23/2017)
Diameter: 24.3mm
Edge: Reeded
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1916 STANDING 25C MS obverse 1916 STANDING 25C MS reverse

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Description & Analysis

The Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar resulted from an invitational competition for new silver coin designs that included three sculptors of proven ability: Adolph A. Weinman, Albin Polasek and Hermon MacNeil. Mint Director Robert Woolley was under the impression that the 1890 law requiring that a coin design be struck for 25 years before being changed also mandated that a change occur after those 25 years had been completed. Thus did Hermon MacNeil win the commission to replace Charles Barber's aging Liberty Head design in 1916.

MacNeil submitted several models for this coin type during that year. In August, Treasury Secretary William G. MacAdoo approved his latest models, and the artist was stunned when the actual coins strayed from them considerably. The U. S. Mint's own engraving department had modified them extensively, returning to an earlier version of the obverse and an entirely new version of the reverse.

This Mint's artists were still tinkering with the models when the order came to begin production of circulating coins. A mere 52,000 examples were struck December 16 to accompany the dimes and half dollars also dated 1916, but these coins were not released until the following month. Because the obverse of the 1916 quarters had a soft, unfinished quality to it, the Mint's new Director, F. J. H. von Engelken, held them back until the sharpened hubs for 1917 had produced enough pieces to issue the two dates together. Thus were both the 1916 and 1917 quarters released simultaneously on January 17, 1917. The result was that most persons desiring to save a sample or two of the new coins never knew of the rare 1916 pieces, unless they were readers of numismatic publications. Even established collectors found it challenging to locate 1916-dated Standing Liberty Quarters, and this coin was selling for a dollar or more within months of its release.

The 1916 issue is indeed scarce across all grades, though not rare in an absolute sense. Gems, however, are very elusive, and coins having a fully struck head of Liberty are far more rare than for the much sharper 1917 edition. Worn coins having a readable date are very scarce, as this feature was not protected by the coin's rim and wore away within 10-15 years of entering circulation. Dateless examples remain identifiable by differences in the obverse hubs between 1916 and 1917, the only dates of this design subtype.

The rarity and high price of this date has had a dampening effect on prices for the entire series, as fewer collectors seek to complete a set of Standing Liberty Quarters as compared to those collecting its contemporaries, the Mercury Dime and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar.


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Price Guide

Last Updated: 4/25/2017

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Base $ 3150 5050 6550 7600 9800 10300 10750 12350 12900 14250 14900 16000 17000 20500 27750 35500 52000 - - -
$ - - - - 13400 - 15250 16250 17750 21500 30000 - - -
1916 STANDING 25C MS Full Head
Base $ - - - - - 12500 13000 13500 14500 15750 16500 17000 19900 25000 39000 53000 160000 - - -
$ - - - - - - - 17500 21000 27000 42000 70250 220000 -

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Total Graded: 871
Low Grade: PrAg
Average Grade: 55
High Grade: 67

Upcoming Auctions

Auction Prices Realized

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Auction House
Sale / Lot
6/1/1998 PCGS F 12   Teletrade Auction 1054, 1054/Lot# 1380 $2,106.00
9/10/2006 PCGS MS 64   Full Head Goldberg September 10-13, 2006 Pre-Long Beach Coin and Currency Auction, 37/Lot# 1569 $24,725.00
7/21/2013 PCGS F 12   GreatCollections GreatCollections Coin Auctions 07/21/2013, 84/Lot# 125417 $5,893.80
7/27/2013 PCGS   Stack's Bowers The August 2013 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money , 192/Lot# 2076 $5,875.00
7/28/2013 PCGS F 15   David Lawrence Rare Coins Internet Auction # 762, 771/Lot# 621 $6,750.00
10/29/2015 PCGS MS 66   Full Head Heritage Auctions 2015 October 29 - November 1 US Coins Signature Auction - New York Session(1), 1225/Lot# 3225 $39,950.00
10/29/2015 PCGS AU 53   Heritage Auctions 2015 October 29 - November 1 US Coins Signature Auction - New York Session(1), 1225/Lot# 3221 $8,812.50

NGC Registry

NGC Registry Score 1916 STANDING 25C MS
1916 STANDING 25C MS Full Head
Registry Image Gallery
Grade: MS 66 FH
Points: 7431
Owner: FloridaFacelifter
Grade: AU 58
Points: 3510
Owner: JMWorlock
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