Coin Specifications

Category: Four Dollar Stella (1879-1880)
Mint: Philadelphia
Mintage: 15
Obverse Designer: Charles E. Barber
Reverse Designer: Charles E. Barber
Composition: Gold
Fineness: 0.8600
Weight: 7.0000g
AGW: 0.1935oz
Melt Value: $251.14 (9/24/2017)
Diameter: 22mm
Edge: Reeded
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1880 FLOWING HAIR $4 PF obverse 1880 FLOWING HAIR $4 PF reverse

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Description & Analysis

Following a suggestion from Honorable John A. Kasson, minister to Austria from America, a gentleman who traveled widely, the $4 piece was conceived as being interchangeable at par (more or less) with similarly sized gold coins issued by various European nations. To promote international acceptance and ready determination of its metallic content, the obverse inscription was stated in the metric system, and noted that the $4 contained 6 parts gold, .3 parts silver, and .7 parts copper, yielding 7 grams of alloy, 90% gold as stated.

The reverse stated the denomination as 'ONE STELLA 400 CENTS,' within a 5-pointed star. The long used motto E PLURIBUS UNUM appeared above, and the experimental motto DEO EST GLORIA below. Surrounding is the inscription: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/FOUR DOL. Interestingly, the particular reverse design states the denomination three different ways possibly a good item to insert in a numismatic trivia contest. The value is given as 'ONE STELLA,' also as '400 CENTS,' also as 'FOUR DOL.' Hopefully, there was nothing else left to the imagination!

The idea of a freely interchangeable international coin had several fatal flaws, and, in essence, the concept was dead at the starting gate. First, the $4 Stella was never interchangeable on a one-to-one basis with other specific coins, as there would be some small amount of adjustment to be made to reflect different values. Secondly, even if the $4 were interchangeable at a given time, exchange rates varied then, as now, and the parity would soon be lost.

It is probably the case that the 1879 $4 pieces were struck simply to answer the call for creating such a denomination for inspection, without any serious Treasury Department thought of using it. Additional pieces were struck of the Flowing Hair design in 1880, and of the Coiled Hair design (by Charles E. Barber) in 1879 and 1880, in small quantities, and not disclosed to the numismatic community. Information concerning these other issues was not generally available until early in the 20th century when their existence was publicized by Edgar H. Adams.

Although the 1879 $4 was made as a pattern and, of course, still is, the uniqueness of the denomination made it popular with numismatists, and in short order the 1879 Stella was incorporated into many collections, eventually into catalogs and price lists. Likewise, the 1880 issues are also included by many collectors. Today, Stellas are primarily collected by numismatists in general, rather than pattern specialists.

Description and Analysis courtesy of Heritage Auctions and may not be republished without written permission.


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Price Guide

Last Updated: 8/10/2017

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Base $ - - - - - - - - - 175000 200000 275000 375000 525000 675000 1275000
$ - - - - - - - 300000 - - - -
1880 FLOWING HAIR $4 PF Cameo
Base $ - - - - - - - - - 210000 300000 450000 625000 775000 1350000
$ - - - - - - - - - - -
1880 FLOWING HAIR $4 PF Ultra Cameo
Base $ - - - - - - - - - 650000

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Total Graded: 17
Low Grade: 61
Average Grade: 64
High Grade: 67

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Auction House
Sale / Lot
4/9/2007 NGC PF 65   Heritage Auctions 2007 Dallas, TX Signature Coin Auction #450, 450/Lot# 1694 $316,250.00
3/6/2008 NGC PF 66   Cameo Heritage Auctions 2008 March Phoenix, AZ (ANA) Signature Auction #1102, 1102/Lot# 1451 $488,750.00
9/23/2013 NGC PF 67   Bonhams The Tacasyl Collection of Magnificent United States Proof Gold Coins, 20992/Lot# 1010 $959,400.00
9/23/2013 NGC PF 67   Bonhams Coins and Medals, 20992/Lot# 1010 $959,400.00
4/22/2015 PCGS PF 66   Heritage Auctions 2015 April 22 - 26 CSNS US Coins Signature Auction - Chicago Session(4), 1219/Lot# 5300 $517,000.00
8/10/2016 NGC PF 65   Heritage Auctions 2016 August 10 - 14 ANA US Coins Signature Auction - Anaheim Session(2), 1238/Lot# 4276 $352,500.00

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NGC Registry Score 1880 FLOWING HAIR $4 PF
1880 FLOWING HAIR $4 PF Cameo
1880 FLOWING HAIR $4 PF Ultra Cameo
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