Morgan Dollars (1878-1921)
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Morgan Dollars
1884 S S$1 MS Coin Auctions

View coin auction sales stats below and compare the auction volume of the 1884 S S$1 MS over time by selecting a year range in the chart on the right. Scroll down to see upcoming coin auctions from popular auction houses, such as Stack's Bowers, GreatCollections and others.

Auction Stats

Category: Morgan Dollars (1878-1921)
Average Grade (1 Year): AU 53
Average Grade (All Years): AU 50
Average Price (1 Year): $1,480.43
Average Price (All Years): $1,545.65
Volume (1 Year): 163
Volume (All Years): 2766

Auction Volume

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4 results found.
Auction House(Ascending)
Sale / Lot(Ascending)
11/10/2016 AU 53 NGC Stack's Bowers November 2016 Baltimore, 6151/Lot#8199
11/10/2016 AU 50 NGC Stack's Bowers November 2016 Baltimore, 6151/Lot#8200
11/3/2016 MS 61 NGC Stack's Bowers November 2016 Baltimore, 6151/Lot#2116
11/3/2016 MS 61 Prooflike NGC Stack's Bowers November 2016 Baltimore, 6151/Lot#2115

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