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We place a value on each coin that is based on the relative rarity of its type, date and grade. This value takes many factors into account such as grade, population, market value, eye appeal and expert opinion. When a set is ranked in the registry, its rank is judged based on the total of the individual scores of all the coins.


As a basic guide to our system, collectors can look to the market as an excellent method of comparing the relative rarity of one coin to another. There is simply no better indicator of how much a coin is desired.


There is, however, no one perfect source that accounts for all the elements needed to be considered when ranking sets in the Registry. Comparative values of coins in the market can appear distorted (especially at the top end). On the other hand the grades alone are a poor indicator of how much "finer" a coin is because the grade does not reflect the rarity of a coin.


Through extensive market research, we are able to provide a ranking system that recognizes the intelligence of the market, but offers a more true reflection of relative rarity than does market value, because it appropriately adjusts for market distortions.

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