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Getting ready to sent in my 5 coins for the free grading with NGC.Coins look good to me but?I would like to make sure so thinking of sending them to NCS first to get your opinion

if anything should be done in the way of cleaning ect to get the best results in the gradeing

area.Coins would be 1929 21/2gold indian looks proof to me but what do i know.1925 half

dollar 1930 bust 1/2 half dime1868 sheild nickel and a 1883 sheild nickel.Those would be my free submission's.Would also be sending in a 1921 Peace dollar looks real nice kind of frosted-2 1893 colunbian half dollars-1 stone mountain-1 1948 booket t washington and 3 morgans.When i send these in to NCS to look at first and send to NGC to grade.What price should i expect from NCS considering what needs to be done or when i send them into you do you contact me with a price and options/recomdation how to proceed?and can i just give

card number that can be used by NGC and NSC


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Thanks for your question and for joining the Collectors’ Society.


NCS charges 1% of owner’s declared value to evaluate your coin for conservation and 3% of owners declared value to conserve it. You are not contacted after the evaluation. You can provide notes about each coin on the NCS submission form for our conservators.


Yes, you can provide a credit card for payment to NCS which can also be used for NGC grading fees.

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