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2 hours ago, Quintus Arrius said:

Fine, I triple-dare anyone to say an unkind word about the toning on this absolutely breath-taking bison!

Thank you 😊 

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6 hours ago, Buffalo Head said:

Thank you,

Ive been playing with my camera.  

Keep playing.  Membership in top-notch Mercs has its privileges.  Your footwork accentuates the positive.  I never knew Mercs could look so good.  My mom, deceased, bless her south would have become infatuated with these crystal clear, impossibly beautiful gems! Nice work. I nominate the Walker-- if you do not wish to have it formally certified -- to be the set I have ever seen in my life!  

Att :  Alex from PA and VKurbB has this remarkable coin put to rest The Last vestige of Sleepy Hollow?

You, Buffalo Head (quoting Archhie  Bunker) are something else!

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