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14 hours ago, ronnie stein said:

Truly Clean, when I showed my 1880 S  the photo of your 1880 S, and she saw the beautiful MS67 that she could have been, she just hung her AU50 head. She knows she never should've gotten on the back of that motorcycle. 

LMAO.  Also @ my AU50.  Ahhhh what could have been.....  

The 67 makes all my other 64's look not quite as nice as they did.  Maybe I should trade you?

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9 hours ago, Truly Clean said:

The 67 makes all my other 64's look not quite as nice as they did.  Maybe I should trade you?

Lol. How thoughtful, but no trade.  I probably won't have another Morgan for quite a while, and my 1880 S AU50ish has adapted to being lonely. Your MS67, because she took care of herself,  deserves the social life of being surrounded by all the other beauties, stared at, talked about, even beauty contests. Solitary confinement just doesn't happen to the ms67 elite! She and I will be watching you all.

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On 6/1/2020 at 5:30 PM, Outhaul said:

World's Columbian Exposition Award Medal Saint-Gaudens/Barber with original aluminum case. As I understand it, the case is rare and the insert card is even rarer. Most of the cases were lost, destroyed, or simply tossed out. The insert card from Scovill was almost always thrown away or dried up and fell to pieces. At least this is what was related to me by a couple of serious medal collectors. I'm pretty new to medals (less than a couple of months) and this is only my third acquisition.


1893 Columbian Medal Obv.jpg

1893 Columbian Medal Rev.jpg

1893 Columbian Medal Case - 01.jpg

1893 Columbian Medal Case - 03.jpg

1893 Columbian Medal In Case.jpg

Very cool, the design of the 1992 Columbian half was modeled after this medal.

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On 6/4/2020 at 7:33 AM, leeg said:

Nice all!

Finally able to snag something:

Thin version


Ira & Larry Goldberg, June Pre-Long Beach, Combo, Lot1017956.png

Very Nice Score....Congrat's.....This medal and it two brothers ...The thick version and the gold version are on wish list and you know and heard about wishing in one hand.......LOL

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Here is a upgrade To my Icelandic Kingdom era set ....I won this coin last week at a Stack's auction with 15 more slabbed coins from Scandinavia had to buy 16 coins to get the one I wanted but will sell the rest.  


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Hello everyone!

My name is Joel, from Sweden, a newly accepted member of these forums.

Just yesterday I aquired this precious thing from another man of Swedish origin. 

Purchased about ten years ago and authenticated in Germany around the same period.

Apparently and allegedly, the only piece in Europe at present time.

I greatly appreciate any comments, should you feel obliged!

I actually made a new thread in the newcomer’s section if you would like to discuss the coin and/or help me out with some of my questions perhaps.

1856 D G$1 (Type III) Dahlonega

1,67 grams

1460 minted and estimated >100 survived to this day! :)




Joel from Sweden 


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On 5/4/2020 at 10:52 PM, Truly Clean said:

Another new Morgan.  Hope I'm not boring everybody.  I only do Morgans (and I hope I can stop after that).  I COULD show pics of my first grandson instead :)  

This is now my most costly but not my favorite.  




Absolutely the nicest Carson City I have laid eyes on in my nearly 70 years on this earth. Good for you!


On 6/1/2020 at 10:35 PM, kbbpll said:

Love the Columbus medal. But did they screw up 1492? The three Roman numeral calculators I tried say "MCDXCII".

Here's my recent arrival.


For reasons I have never understood, the cornerstone-layers of many of the older buildings in New York City took literary license and departed from the rules of formal "grading," as it were, preferring to render, 19--, MCM, as MDCCCC, and 90, XC, as LXXXX. The correct rendering, as you've noted, is MCMXCII. (I believe the '07 St. Gauden's Double Eagle also conformed to this scheme, likely for effect.) Nice Barber!

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