Do you guys think this penny is worth $50.00.
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What do you guys think of this penny?. Do you think this penny is worth $50.00 ? This penny was offered to me by a ex co-worker.

   Just don't want to make a bad call again. And lose more money..

And by the way. Thanks for all the help you guys gave me. I did walk away with some knowledge. That's why I'm here before I make a bad call.. .









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No. Replace dollars with cents as the denomination and then ask whether you should pay that amount. I would not give $0.50 for it. If your guy tries to hoopla you into paying him that, ask him what the coin shop offered him. And furthermore, it's time to decide whether the ex-co-worker is a) clueless about coins, or b) a ripoff artist. It's one of those two. If a), no big deal; that after all describes most of our new posters here, and there's no shame in it. It can even be remedied with a little effort. If b), it goes to character.

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It is a cool lamination error, and if it was in a top tier TPG holder with the error on the label I imagine that an error dealer would be asking at least $50 for it.   However as a raw coin that is not attributed as an error its value is whatever someone will pay for it, myself I'd pay a couple of bucks tops.

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