Has the US Mint ever consider polygon shapes ?
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(I posed this question elsewhere too)

Just for discussion, Has the U.S. Mint ever or consider making coinage that had polygon shapes ?
Would it drive the vending ppl insane nowadays ?
Could it just be for bullion related types or for public use ?
I have 2 non-collectables, at least for me, that I've had since 77'(grad year) but every now & then I look at them because I like the polygon shapes, more so with the brass 3 pence.
Has the US Mint ever consider this ?


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Non-circular coins have been considered multiple times, but rejected for various reasons. Holed coins have also been proposed and rejected. Since about 1890, the vending industry has been the most vocal objector. The last serious consideration was when small dollar coins were being discussed in the 1970s. (See the book Private Pattern and Related Pieces: International Nickel & Gould Incorporated for information on some of the small dollar private pieces and discussion.)

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8 minutes ago, EdG_Ohio said:

It's a shame that at least a bullion coin couldn't be done even if only for a commemorative coin or the like. At times thinking outside the box, in this case circle, could be a draw for people.
This is all just pondering.

The Panama-Pacific $50 was octagonal (and round, also) as were USAO gold $50 slugs. Many low-fineness gold California halves and quarters were octagonal as were the jewel imitations.

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Somehow the British manage to make their current coins work in vending machines, with three denominations being non-round - 20p, 50p, and 1 pound.

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