Is this a broadstrike error quarter?
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First off, I am SO SORRY for the photo quality. I'm new to coin collecting and don't really have the best tools for taking close-ups. If you have pointers/equipment suggestions for taking coin photos, I'm all ears! 

Like the title says, I'm trying to figure out if this 1993D quarter was broadstruck or just damaged. The only reason why I think it's the former is because I don't see a single remnant of reeds. There are a couple of dents and scratches on the edge, sure, but none of them are straight lines that look even remotely like reeds (one of the photos has a regular 1993 coin edge on top of this one for reference). It also weighs about .4 grams less than my other '93 coin, and looks slightly thinner. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!













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Welcome to the forum, the lack of reeding on the edge suggests that a broadstrike is one possibility.  However the obv and rev look to have been subjected to a sander or other abrasive material.  My best guess is that it was a broadstrike that has been subsequently damaged thru extensive circulation, more than normal wear due to not having a rim to protect the devices.  The other possibility is some mechanical/abrasive process was done to try and simulate a broadstrike.

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Welcome to the Forum-

Not a broadstrike,   looks like someone has ground the rims and reeding off for whatever reason.

Also, although it doesn't matter with this coin as it is only worth face value get in the habit of handling coins by their edges only. If you want to take a photo, shoot it on a flat surface?



Coinbuf beat me by seconds

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Those definitely aren't the worse close-ups I have seen on this forum. Nice job.

I am going with the abuse theory. I think the rims, edge, and devices were all worn down excessively, either accidently or on purpose. 

Welcome to the forum.

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