Are these authentic coins and , or counterfeit coins and cases?

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1793771890_IMG_1700(1).thumb.jpg.a05a35da67d47f402b93dfbe128543c8.jpgDoes anyone want to take a shot to advise if these 3 coins and cases are authentic? The registrations match the coin type, but no photos of the coins are in the registry for comparison.

I have not purchased them. I've watched the NGC videos, but the photos aren't good enough for me to judge. I detected what I thought were some inconsistencies and wanted to get opinions:

  • The shape of the "0", "8", and some letters look off. The centers of the "8"s look circular rather than oval.
  • The detail on the braid/pony tail on the $10 doesn't appear to have the fine beaded pattern on an authentic $10.
  • The cc on the Washington quarter dollar appears to be offset to the right a bit.
  • One of the coins is not oriented correctly.
  • The labels seem to be an older style and I don't see welding around the entire case perimeter if there should br.

Thank you.








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Those label styles and hologram stickers on the back are newer and consistent with the newer gen pronged holders but it's a bit weird that there wouldn't be reference photos in the cert look up database for coins in new gen holders.

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