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I want to submit ~35 unique dated coins for grading, but the submission form only has 15 lines.  For non-bulk submissions the max amount of coins is 50.  How do I fill out the form(s) so that I can submit them all at once with the same submission number?  I usually just fill out the form online.  I do not want to fill out 3 unique forms as I see this as a waste of money ($10 handling fee per form, shipping costs, etc.).

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Dear Gileshokie,

Thank you.  As long as they are eligible to be on the same grading tier, you can print out 2 forms and write a note on the top of the form near the submission number page 1 of 2 and on the second page 2 of 2.  You will only be charged the 1 handling fee and shipping fee.

Thank you,


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