Acid Treated Buffalo Nickels?

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So I don't have to but I'm trying to track down a Details grade 1916 DDO for my registry set.  Without breaking the bank.  I can find examples of PCGS & ANACS graded with the "Acid Etched"/"Acid Treated" attribution.  Just not seeing any NGC graded examples.  I didn't see the condition on the full list of exclusions for why a coin could not be encapsulated but I may have overlooked it.

There's an article from years ago regarding encapsulating in an NCS holder here.

I found a picture of one on Heritage Auctions in an NCS holder but it's an older version and I can't get the certification number to come up with results.

If I were able to find one in an NCS holder would that qualify for the competitive registry sets?  What if I were to submit one, would that end up in an NGC or NCS holder?

What about the nickels treated with the vinegar/peroxide solution?  Do those get an environmental damage attribute or something similar?  Seen a few in holder that appear that way but not sure.


Thanks for your time.


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NGC does not encapsulate coins whose dates or other details have been restored with acid. Such coins will be returned in a flip with the notation "acid etched."

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