1971 D Kennedy half dollar Double strike error?

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Hi everyone, 

Im fairly new to collecting and was wondering if I do indeed have a Double Die Obverse error coin and if it’s even worth having graded. I tried to take a decent pic. On the right side of the coin it appears to have been double struck in my guessing as you can see what appears to be 2 rims. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.  


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Welcome to the forum.:hi:

Just a couple of points for the sake of accuracy: A doubled die is not the same as a double-struck coin. A doubled die is caused by the hub creating a doubled impression in the die, which results in all coins being struck from that die having that same doubling. A double-struck coin is just that - a coin which was struck twice by the same die.

Also, the term "obverse" refers to the front of a coin - usually the side with the date. The side of a Kennedy Half which shows the eagle is the reverse.

And, I agree with Conder101's assessment.

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