1916 Lincoln Cent with dot
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Poor condition coin. Dot below date. Seeking suggested value. I understand the concept of DD and DDD but this coin does not appear to shows signs of DD or DDD through out the rest of the coin. The dot appears to be almost the same height as the 1 and the 9. Wear appears to be even from the center of the coin to the exterior. I want your opinion to what you see as a collector before I attempt to have this coin graded as mint error. The current state other than the dot is not worth grading, your opinion matters. Thank you all for input. I also submitted these images to a large Auction house based in the USA. I received an email today suggesting to get coins graded and recognize NGC as one of there graders. That answers my question to get graded. Thanks all.

1916 Lincoln Penny DOT OBV.jpg

1916 Lincoln Penny DOT REV.jpg

1916 Obv.jpg

1916 Lincoln Wheat Obv.jpg

1916 Wheat Obv.jpg

1916 Lincoln Wheat Penny Obv.jpg

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You have already posted this on another forum which has been answered and aside from that, this Forum is for buying and selling coins, not for diagnosing them.

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