Closed/Sold Silver Eagles, Morgan, Barbers, Mercury, Lincoln, Mint Sets eBay Auctions Bids super low Closes Mon!

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PFC Network Presents eBay Auctions:

all Listings Close Monday night!

US Silver Eagles:
Morgan Dollars:

Uncirculated 1878 S Morgan Dollar Current bid $19.38

1979 P BU Morgan Dollar Current bid $19.38
1881 S Morgan Dollar Great Luster Current Bid $26.00
1881 O Morgan Dollar Great Luster Current Bid $20.50
1883 O Morgan Dollar Current Bid $20.50
Peace Dollars:
1923 D Peace Silver Dollar! Current Bid $10.50
Barber Half Dollars:
1893 S Barber Half Dollar Current Bid $35.00
1913 Barber Half Dollar Current Bid $12.50
1915 Barber Half Dollar Current Bid  $15.50
Walking Liberty Half Dollars:
Commemorative Half Dollar:
Barber Quarter:
1915 S Barber Quarter Current Price $17.50
Washington Quarter:
Seated Liberty Twenty Cent Piece / Double Dime
Mercury Dime:
1921 Mercury Dime Semi Key! Current Price $8.80
Lincoln Cent:
US Sets:
Canadian Sets:
US Medals: 
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