13 NGC slabs for sale as one group - moved to ebay

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I have a group of mid-grade slabs that I'm selling as one group as I don't want to mess with selling each coin individually.

The grid below shows each coin with the NGC price valuation along with the grading cost for the appropriate tier, and the totals at the bottom.  I'm figuring shipping will cost me $10...so I'm willing to let the whole group go for $190 all in firm.  They total about half the NGC price and less than the cost to have them slabbed.

I'm out this week on business so the earliest I'd be able to ship is Saturday.  I might be able to dig up a few images if I have to but don't have anything readily planned to post.

        NGC List Grading
Date Denom Grade Cert # Price Price
1944-P Nickel MS64 2742500-003 $25 $20
1951-D Nickel MS66 1835933-089 $30 $20
1953-D Nickel MS65 2679841-002 $20 $20
1956 Nickel MS66 3970220-038 $50 $17
1956-D Nickel MS66 3919089-020 $45 $17
1957-D Nickel MS66 2550897-004 $37.50 $17
1958-D Nickel MS65 2600741-002 $12 $17
1959 Nickel MS65 2688676-001 $21.20 $17
1962 Nickel MS66 1831006-015 $45 $17
1953-D Dime MS64 FT 2655184-006 $15 $20
1960 Dime MS64 2582251-005 $7.50 $17
1945-D Quarter MS65 1797620-013 $47.50 $20
1953-S Quarter MS65 3133444-028 $38 $20
        $394 $239

Link to images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZSQpTZRgcxhynPvE9

Let me know if you're interested or have questions.


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