Struck through 2019 silver eagle with foreign object embedded
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Hello everyone,

I recently posted on the newbie forum as  I recently joined NGC. I purchased a roll of 2019 silver eagles. Fourth from the top I noticed a black object embedded in the shield. Took it in and has been authenticated as done while in production not post production. A wonderful numismatics enthusiast Mohawk provided me with an article from this website indicating the error. Much appreciated. He did indicate it was a significant error. I am not interested in the value of the coin. I am interested in what to do with it. Keep it in the roll. Have the object tested, what’s the next step if this is indeed a significant find. 

Cheers all 



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Thank you Ronnie.  

I am just reading how to submit coins for grading. Very new at this lots of different ways to grade and stuff associated with it. Not sure if I send the whole roll. I will call your toll free number and grab some help. Much appreciated 

Thanks again 

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