Paraguay 150 Guaranies KM# 65 1973 Proof variation?
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Bought this Mixteca Culture coin recently from MA-SHOPs:


It has the same large 1000 fineness stamped between the denomination characters as does the Paraguay 150 Guaranies KM# 36 1972 Proof.

However, another example from NumisMaster shows a much smaller fineness between the denomination characters for the coin:


Other than paying the variant fee, is there an actual advantage to creating a slab which documents the variant when the variant is so plainly visible and the normal coin so well documented?



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The same variation can be found in the Paraguay 150 Guaranies KM# 37 1973 Proof.

This is a photo of the large purity:


This is a photo showing a half size purity typeface:


This is a photo of the official obverse of the 1973 150 Guaranies coins:


This is a photo of the Paraguay 150 Guaranies KM# 37 1973 Proof from the web page


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