For sale: 10 pieces. Conder tokens, WWI satirical medals, Liberia Cent

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Token and medals in Heritage weekly sale.

The following items from my collection are available in the Heritage weekly sale that closes this Thursday. This includes a few nice Conder tokens, three macabre German Medals of War and an attractive 1833 Liberia Cent from Wayte Raymond's collection.

1. Zetzmann 2161 1914. 28mm Copper NGC MS-64. Germania nude with scythe in hand, on horse leaping above advancing German military.

2. Zetzmann 4062 1914. Bronze 33mm NGC MS-64 (Rare). Three soldiers hang dead from an oak tree.

3. Arnold Zadikow Medal 1915. (Rare). Skeleton wades in the ocean netting ships. A metaphor for German submarine warfare.

4. North Wales DH 1b. 1793. NGC MS-64 Red/Brown Prooflike. Druid halfpenny token.

5. Middlesex DH 1151. 1793. NGC MS-64 Red. Isaac Newton farthing token.

6. Middlesex DH 735. 1795. NGC MS-62 BN. Spence's British Liberty / Cain killing Abel.

7. Middlesex DH 845. 1790s. NGC MS-62 BN. Spence's Pigs Meat / Honor.

8. Middlesex DH 899. 1796. NGC MS-64 BN. Spence's England, Ireland, Scotland United token.

9. MI 684-402. 1757. NGC MS-61. Seven Years War Pinchbeck unlisted in Betts. Frederick the Great humbles the haughty queen, Maria Theresa.

10.CH-2 Liberia Cent 1833. NGC AU-58 BN. Choice with original envelope from Wayte Raymond collection.

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