What you need to know about posting coins for inquiry
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On 2/22/2019 at 3:08 PM, JKK said:

If you argue about a "double die" at fatuous length when it's clear you don't know what one really is, you will look like the kid with soot all over him insisting he didn't really dig around in the fireplace.

Don't be that kid.

Your entire post is AWESOME JKK!! But, your last sentence I quoted above is so true and made me laugh out loud😂. Excellently well put in its entirety and thank you for spending your valuable VOLUNTEERED TIME AND EXPERTISE in composing that educational post and really getting to the point. Not to say that newcomers to this great hobby will still need guidance, and the advice, and the professional educational input of the veterans on this site but, your well written detailed outline should really help narrow down some of the confusion while possibly shortening  the learning curve of newcomers (especially to NOT argue with the pros here on the forum!!!). Great job!!!👍

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