2018 S Silver Reverse Proof Dime - High Wire Rim Error
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This is another error, alongside the now-well-known "Light Finish" Kennedy Half Dollar error, for the 2018 S Silver Reverse Proof Set. Yes, there are some DDO's, Strike throughs from the set posted on ebay. The light finish (1000's NGC, PCGS, ANACS), high wire rim (1 known), and strike throughs (2 from PCGS) have made it to graders.

This particular coin grabbed some attention, see second attached image, by Numismatic News and some coin collectors posting on YouTube. Opinion has been given by Numismatic News that this error, while it may have some value, is a one-off and won't be listed in the price guides. I can tell you as of this posting, 5 reports (including mine) of high wire rim errors on the dime exist, but this is the only coin I have seen go to certification.

Can anyone validate (or answer) the following:

1. Will this coin / error type make it into the price guides if others send their coins in to be certified? Or, how many errors does it take to qualify for price guide listing?

2. Is it rare for an error coin, of this type, to receive a 69 or 70 grade. Does the error impact the grade?

I am looking for feedback.



Numismatic News - November 6, 2018.jpg

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