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I really would like to know if any coins I have are special/not common  or just regular ones I know nothing about coins other then what ive googled the past day so far I know I have wheat pennys from 1910-1954.Murcury dimes 1923-1945 and others too but those 2 are what I have the most of. If anyone.can just give me an idea would be very appreciated 



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From the information and photos provided, no meaningful specific input is possible.

Since you probably don't want to take sharp photos of dozens of obverses and reverses, you should look them up on a site called Numismedia. On Lincoln cents, the mint mark is on the front; on Mercury dimes, it's on the back just left of bottom center. Assume they are in G-4 (Good) condition and look up their values in that state. You will see what common dates are worth based on the timeframe. Any coin that is worth a lot more than the common dates probably deserves more attention.

That is highly simplistic because it doesn't say anything about grading, which can be a factor--some pieces don't get a premium in low grades, but become rarer in great condition. If you want a quick and easy way to filter those out a little, sort out all Lincs that have all the lines clearly visible in the wheat sheaves and all Mercs that you can see at least some part of all the vertical lines in the fasces. Figure those to grade most likely at least F-12 (Fine) and look at that column for values, and see if any jumped up disproportionately.

Alternatively, you could just list the inventory by date/mint and someone could tell you which issues are uncommon. However, if you list them and look them up yourself, you will get at least some idea of relative values, which is why that method would serve you better.

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