1912 $2.5 Indian Head quarter gold- Grade or Not Grade?

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I recently purchased a 1912 $2.5 Indian Head gold coin.  After learning how to detect the counterfeit Morgan Dollars, it's spurred my interest to be able to detect other counterfeit coins so I don't buy one single more.  I've read a few articles by grading companies on detection and wanted anyone's opinion on the coin I purchased.  I believe it is genuine, but it looks like it may have had two small slightly rim filings..  I'm not good at making such a decision before I consider grading on gold coins.  I've already decided to send it to NGC.  Anyone have any further comments?


Photo Jun 30, 1 18 08 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 30, 2 13 49 PM.jpg

Photo Jul 02, 12 08 07 AM.jpg

Photo Jul 02, 12 13 00 AM.jpg

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