1943 & 1948 Two-Headed Jefferson Nickel

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Hey everyone, 

this was in my families old World War Two military box that held all the coins that I from time to time ask about.  What do you make of this?  Maybe my grandfather had a little fun with a couple nickels and put this together?  Can this even be real in general?  The two halves are the real deal weight and material wise.  I’m a neophyte, so even though I assume this probably isn’t a real error and was manufacturered, I am just not up to snuff on how someone would do that.  It’s a shame my grandfather, if it’s fake and were he who crafted this, had to use a 1943 😞2C582673-DAD4-400A-A0FD-19671C0BD0F8.thumb.jpeg.21bee9eca92628c99d7e01b1c0b7d2cb.jpeg


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The '48 side appears to be the side with the seam, where the two coins were joined.

 The '43 was hollowed out to make the shell,  and the '48 had the reverse smoothed off and the diameter reduced enough fit inside the shell.

They are commonly called "magicians's coins."

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