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Good Evening Everyone!


So was looking through my proof sets and came across this set. Blue circles forming around the Half, the quarter and in front of Roosevelts face. Tried to get a good shot but it is actually a bit more blue in person..

So 4 questions

1.  Is this what toning looks like? 

2   How does this happen in a mint sealed proof set?

3.  Is this detrimental to the proof set?

4.  Does this increase or decrease value? (or is that subjective to the eye of the beholder?)


Thanks all!


1970 proof blueing 001.jpg

1970 proof blueing 002.jpg

1970 proof blueing 003.jpg

1970 proof blueing 004.jpg

1970 proof blueing 006.jpg

1970 proof blueing 007.jpg

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It looks like a combination of toning and some haze. Of course the haze I see might be reflections from the pictures. Nonetheless, a lot of people like toning and some don't. It is mainly a preference. Yours is just beginning and can look very nice. Over long periods of time though, the toning can progress and get darker, almost black like, which will eventually damage the coin. No worries on yours right now. Back to haze, some proofs will get a white looking film on them. This is sometimes referred to as haze. It's not very desirable and sometimes only conservation can remove it. Not really worth the price for modern proof coins though. That's about all I have with the pictures provided. 

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