1969D Penny, Artist intials appear as a slight bump?
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Hello Everyone,


hoping someone can tell me if this is worth anything.  Found this 1969 D penny, in my uncles collection.  The artist initials which should appear as FG?  cannot be discerned. I took a close up through my jewelers loupe.  It looks like a tiny glob of metal but no definition on the coin.  Is this a rare error or anything I should concern myself with? 

Thank you!



1969Dcloseup 002.jpg

1969Dcloseup 003.jpg

1969D signature 003.jpg

1969D signature 006 front.jpg

1969D signature 011.jpg

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forgot photos

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Don't get too excited, but there is a variety, FS-01-1969-D-901, that is recognized by both NGC and PCGS. I am not sure if the initials have to be completely missing, ie not even a bump showing. PCGS gives a value of $5 in VG8, and $10 in F12. Your coin would not be worth sending in for authentication.

Cool find, though. (thumbsu

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