Greenland and Denmark Kroners (1900-1960)

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I am looking for some help. I am a beginner at coin selling and have been given thousands of Greenland and Denmark Kroners (1kr, 2kr, 1/2kr, 5kr-Greenland) from my grandfather and have been selling them on Ebay.

Currently, I list my auctions at $0.99 and $7.50, however, I have many Denmark Kroners that do not sell great since they are not professionally certified. I am looking for advice on selling these Denmark Kroners and possibly some Greenland ones. I have thought about posting a single listing with 15+ available at a time, all in roughly the same condition but without individual pictures for each coin for sale... does this work? Is it effective? The other option I was considering is listing every coin individually at a set price, without free shipping.


I would also really like to sell more bulk orders, but I'm not really sure how to go about that and still keep my sales steady.


Any advice is extremely appreciated, here are some pictures of the coins I have already sold. Many of the ones I have left are in both better and worse condition than these.






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I think what you will run into is that the Danish coins aren't terribly rare. If you look on ebay for sold listings of a given issue, you'll see what people have actually paid for them. There is also the reality that demand is not so high; I have a hard time imagining why anyone would want a batch of fifteen. For the Greenland ones, maybe more interest; in fact, I might buy some from you directly if they are reasonably priced.

When you consider just listing them as a batch, you send the signal that individually they aren't worth much and are not in demand. That may well be true, but it runs counter to your purpose. In my experience selling coins, one of the most important aspects is to treat the coin as if it is valuable.

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