Wow!!! EBay scam at the max

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So I was on eBay and I see a seller by the name of " oldcoins77 ". All I can say is he has best of the best ×10. No way he has that many flawless, unc coins. How can people be fooled by this? Plus the listing " states you can't send it out of open for grading lol. Please tell me your thoughts...

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Hi Thecoinnoob,

This seems to be a case of 'Grade the coin, not the holder.'  This seller has a 30 day return policy, so if the coin isn't as good in person, you have time to send it right back.  As an additional caveat, coins on eBay tend to be cleaned, and cleaned coins aren't the best candidates for UNC grading by 3rd party grading.

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