1932 PDS Washingtons for the Dansco
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As with many of us with coin collecting OCD, my Washington collection started in one direction, and then expanded.

ORIGINALLY, circa 2011, I decided to put together a 1940 - 1964 set of slabbed Washies in MS66.  A lot of the cost of a Washington set is in the 1932 - 1939 coins, so this was a way to put together an enjoyable and reasonably inexpensive collection without the big ticket coins.  

After a while, I decided to build a raw toner 1940 - 1964 Dansco of Washingtons.  Then came the standard coin collecting OCD of upgrading, and picking up the OCCASIONAL 1932 - 1939 and 1965 - 1985 Washington if they were attractive and reasonably inexpensive.  I ended up building up 3 Danscos; an A, a B and a C toner one.  

Solely for the A toner Dansco I decided to fill in the 1932 - 1939 range of Washingtons, as well as the 1965 - 1985 range of Washies (I stopped at 1985 because that was the end of the page of the Dansco where Washingtons still had some relief).  Given that the endeavor was designed to be a fun low cost project, for the 1932 - 1939 Washingtons I decided that the 1932 PDS would be in the XF range, while the 1934 - 1936 coins would be predominantly AU and the 1937 - 1939 coins would be predominantly MS.  I've finally gotten most of the 1932 - 1939 range imaged.  You will have seen some of these coins previously, but some will be new to you.

Here then are the 1932 PDS Washingtons for the A Dansco.  The P and S were picked up raw, the D was in a PCGS XF45 slab and cracked out.  The images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.  







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Nice P, D, S 1932 Washie's SkyMan- ironically, I'm building a MS66 1932-1964 as well!  I decided on MS66 as it seems to be the highest grade that a set could be put together that's attainable within my budget.  The D and the S will be a challenge though, and I'll probably have to settle for 63-64.  I also keep a binder with all my raw Washington's that are in 2x2's, and I upgrade those with nice UNC's when I come across them.  I then process the replacements out and keep them in a 2x2 coin box.  I do the same with all series I collect- slabs, binder, and box.  Just a different method for the same sort of madness.  :insane:             

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Great idea!  I have done this myself on at least 2 occasions.  Sold the first set only to decide to rebuild it.  I have a nice registry set going that hopefully will be completed one day.

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