Will it get a details grade? (rim ding?)

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Would like to send in my Morgan 1895 O to the NCS center to get rid of the green stuff that's forming on the coin, (and maybe remove other gunk?), due to the flip it was put in a while back.

I inherited a whole bunch of Morgans and when I bought them in to a local coin dealer in Albany, Ny he specifically put this one in a flip (I'm guessing was a PVC flip back around 2000).

Anyway, did some research and me being a realist I know that this is no way a high grade coin. That said I still would like to conserve as many of the coins as reasonably possible... so when I pass them off to my son they'll be in a better state than when I received them.

I know reading the blogs and forums that getting a details grade is somewhat a bummer. I'm guessing thats more for the person who is planning on selling it down the road? Myself, I have no plans on selling, but I was curious if it this "ding" on it is an automatic details designation. I guess I'm trying to prepare myself for "no surprises" when I get it back :)

Any feedback is most appreciated! Thank you.


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Sure, sorry but not the greatest pic....light hit it wrong :( looks much better in person....unfortunately my thumb is over the area of the "ding" but if I recall it really isn't noticeable at all from the reverse side.

I sent this coin yesterday to NCS along with 4 other coins (all 1881's)! Now comes the waiting game haha.


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