Hidden gem with lots of potential - 1939 Jefferson Nickel NGC Old Fatty holder
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Good afternoon!


I have an amazing coin that I'd like to offer for sale or trade today. This coin not only is highly sought after as is, but it has, IMO, a TON of upside potential. I'll show you the coin first, then share my thoughts and asking price:


p><p>   <img src=[/img]


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So, what we have here is a 3rd-gen NGC "Fatty" holder with an unattributed FS-801 "Doubled Monticello/FIVE CENTS" DDR. In MS66!!! After a quick call to NGC customer service, I found out that this coin was graded in 1988. That means this coin has been sitting in a slab for almost THIRTY YEARS without someone looking at the back to check for the DDR. YIKES. NGC currently shows 2 higher at 67 with 7 at 66.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of coin, honestly. Now, any of you who are paying attention will know that I also collect Jefferson Nickels. This coin will most likely end up in my collection, and I'll end up selling my lower-grade 1939 DDR. HOWEVER...I figured I'd give some fellow coin collectors the opportunity to add this coin to their collection "as is" before I decide what to do with it.


Now, here is the good:


Old NGC MS66 holder

One of the highest graded examples known of this tough variety

ALMOST full steps.


Let's pause here and talk about the steps. To me, this coin is not an NGC 5FS or 6FS coin. HOWEVER...I currently own quite a few PCGS FS Jeffersons with much, much worse steps than this coin. If this coin got crossed into a PCGS MS66FS slab...it's a $5,000 coin instead of a $2,000 coin. That, to me, is quite a lot of upside potential for one coin.


Okay, let's talk about the bad:


There is a minor spot of corrosion just under the steps. Below will be a closeup of it for your inspection. Will this coin need to be conserved? Will NCS be able to remove those tiny spots without turning it into a Details coin? Will it stay at MS66 once it's been sent to NCS?


(Side note: PCGS has a crossover special for February - no charge if it doesn't cross)


I think these are all valid questions - questions that will need to be balanced against the potential for a pretty significant profit.


p><p> Now, you might be asking me: If you already did all the homework, why don




I am open to considering trades. What do I want in trade? TWO ounces of gold or 140 oz of silver. Can be in any mainstream coin/bullion form. Can be US coins or World coins (will count by ASW).


USPS Money Order or PP GIFT: $2200 FIRM.


Yes, I realize that my asking price is higher than book value for this grade/variety. However, let's say the coin ends up in a PCGS MS66FS slab - there is PLENTY of room left over for someone to be extremely comfortable and make a decent hunk of change.

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I think it looks like 4 steps at best but the bold doubling of the MONTICELLO is REALLY cool--is this variety attributed?

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I will agree with you (as I stated above) - it doesn't look like 5FS to me, but I do have some PCGS FS slabs with worse looking steps than this coin. I've also had a couple people tell me the coin might even get a 67 if sent in for regrading.


If you see the images of the slab, you'll notice that the variety is not attributed on the slab. Been almost 30 years in that slab...not one person before me thought to even check the reverse. Love it.


I also love looking at major varieties like this in high grade. Really lets the doubling show through (aren't blended together or weakened by circulation wear.)

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