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FSH: Graded Ancients

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1 - Mysia, Cyzicus AR Diobol.. c. 550-500. 11mm, 1.33gr. Obv: Forepart of boar left; to right, tunny upward . Rev: Head of roaring lion left within incuse square. Von Fritze II 9; SNG France 361-366. NGC MS★ 5/5, 5/5 - $450




2 - IONIA. Miletos. Diobol (6th-5th centuries BC). Obv: Forepart of lion right, head left. Rev: Stellate pattern within incuse square. SNG Kayhan 476-82. 10mm, 1.11gr. Sharp strike. NGC Choice AU★ 5/5, 5/5 - $300




3 - CARIAN ISLANDS. Rhodes. Ca. 188-84 BC. AR Plinthophoric Drachm. 15mm, 2.06gr. Obv: Radiate head of Helios right. Rev: Rose with bud to right; magistrates name (Kallixeinos) above; caduceus to left. Jenkins, Group E, 244. NGC Ch AU 5/5, 5/5. - $450




4 - MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Philip III Arrhidaeus (323-317 BC). AR drachm (4.38 gm). Colophon, ca. 323-319 BC. Head of Heracles right, wearing lion's skin headdress / Zeus seated left, holding eagle and scepter; monogram in left field. Price P46. A lovely specimen, benefiting from dies of exceptional style and powerfully struck, warm toning, and mirror-like reverse fields. NGC MS 5/5, 4/5, Fine Style. $900




5 - ROMAN EMPIRE. CONSTANTIUS I, AD 305-306. AR Argenteus. 17mm, 3.20gr. Rome Mint, 1st officina, ca. AD 295-297. Obv. CONSTANTIVS CAES, laureate head right. Rev. VIRTVS MILITVM, four tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod, city walls behind them, A in exergue. RIC VI 42a; Jeločnik 75; Hunter 26; RSC 314†b. NGC Ch MS 5/5, 5/5. - $1,300




6 - Roman Provincial. SYRIA UNDER ROME. Antioch. Aulus Gabinius, as Proconsul (57-55 BC). AR Tetradrachm. 25mm, 15.16gr. Obv: In the name and types of Philip I Philadelphus. Diademed head right Rev: Zeus seated left on throne, holding scepter and palladion; 'Gabinius' monogram in left field; all within wreath. RPC 4124; McAlee 1; Prieur 1. NGC AU★ 5/5, 5/5. - $800




7 - MESOPOTAMIA. Carrhae. Caracalla (198-217 AD). BI tetradrachm. 26mm, 16.13gr. Cos. IV (AD 215-217). Obv: Radiate head of Caracalla right. Rev: Eagle standing facing, looking right, holding wreath in beak; above left wing, crescent; between legs, star; in exergue, two pellets. Prieur 830. Large flan with lovely toning all around. NGC AU 5/5, 5/5. - $750





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