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Just got this email from well-known Bust Half dealer, Sheridan Downey:


To my collecting friends and colleagues,


Your help is needed. During the recent FUN Show in Ft. Lauderdale, on the day of the shooting at the airport, another crime occured. A prominent collector and BHNC member was the victim of a theft of over $40,000 in coins, mostly US bust half-dollars. The crime was reported to the police as well as Doug Davis, CEO of Numismatic Crime Information Center. (Web Site here:


I have attached a list of the stolen coins. It was assembled by Steve Herrman at the request of the victim. It would thoughtful if you were to print the 1 page document and carry it with you to coin shops or shows that you visit. The theft was carefully planned, probably by professionals. The coins could turn up anywhere.


If you come across one or more of the listed coins immediately contact me or, even better, Doug Davis at 817-723-7231. Use your phone! Time is often of the essence in recovering stolen coins. We need to be vigilant and helpful to members of our little community.


A reward fund is being assembled, payable to anyone who provides information that leads to recovery of the stolen coins.


Kind regards to all,



Fort Lauderdale Burglary, Case Number: 341701002946, Reporting Officer: Joshua Reich, ID 1892


Coin # Denom Year Variety Grading Serv Grade Cert # Pic Pedigree Purch From Cost / Value

1 01C 1864 Judd-335 NGC MS65 185472-005 Y Heritage Auc $9,106.25

2 50C 1795 O-103a NGC VF30 3809196-015 Y Hilt Collection Heritage Auc $5,170.00

3 50C 1808 O-110 PCGS XF45 33543154 Y Link $2,400.00

4 50C 1809 O-110 PCGS XF40 33543155 N $1,750.00

5 50C 1809 O-111 PCGS AU55 33543156 N $2,750.00

6 50C 1812 O-104a PCGS AU58 81469525 N David Kahn $1,900.00

7 50C 1814 O-103 PCGS AU58 N $2,500.00

8 50C 1817 O-108a PCGS VF35 33543158 N $500.00

9 50C 1818 O-113 PCGS AU55 33543159 N $1,600.00

10 50C 1822 O-105 PCGS AU58 29293087 Y Frederick-Link MB 44/Kahn $1,760.00

11 50C 1822 O-113 PCGS AU53 N Tim Osborne $650.00

12 50C 1823 O-110 NGC CAC AU58 3809010-016 Y $1,600.00

13 50C 1824 O-117 PCGS AU55 33543160 N $900.00

14 50C 1827 O-132 PCGS AU58 81612459 N Brad Karoleff $1,250.00

15 50C 1827 O-144 PCGS AU53 82237716 Y David Kahn $3,950.00

16 50C 1829 O-102 PCGS AU58 82139155 N David Kahn $2,300.00

17 50C 1829 O-105 PCGS CAC AU58 32177593 ? N $1,500.00

18 50C 1830 O-112 PCGS AU55 81318215 Y Link MB 44/Kahn $1,595.00

19 50C 1836 O-121 PCGS VF20 31445403 Y David Kahn $1,825.00

20 50C

21 50C

22 50C

23 50C

TOTAL $45,006.25

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