1878 8TF Morgan Dollar VAMs Set

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Hello. New to this group context. How does one go about viewing this listing, attributes and photos? Please direct me to a resource, if I have sent this question wrongly, directly to the VAM listing notifier. Thanks and regards, as this sounds like a major accomplishment!! Larry F.

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Registry set categories are not guides for attribution, unless someone wishes to build a set showing off their coins in such. All photo’s for registry sets are put up by the registry set owner, so in order to access a photograph there would have to be one added by the registry set holder. Attributions are done on the coins by the third party grading company, in this case NGC, and only to coins submitted to NGC under its variety plus services. The 1878 8TF registry set can be viewed in the dollar category of the NGC registry or by this link:






If someone should build an 8TF set showing off attribution tips and photo’s that would be quite an accomplishment. Good Luck and I hope this answers your questions.

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