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Special coin for a special Nation


This addition to my collection has a special place, not only in my collection, but in my heart. I had owned one of these before, not as rare and valuable as this one, but still most important.




The first one was similar, but an MS69 and the significance was not lost because of it not being a perfect 70.




This coin, in my opinion signifies the great loss, sorrow, pain and suffering, which coalesced a fragmented country into one again when the planes destroyed the World Trade Centers tTwin






This coin is, like America, one of a kind. It is a one population, and MS70. Perfect. I like to think of America as a perfect nation, which we all know, nothing is perfect, but the reaction to the horrible event still gives us all pause to reflect that we are not invulnerable nor hidden between two great seas. We are open to invasion, damage and so on.




I was in New York City earlier this month, had the honor to go to the New Freedom Tower, and see the momument under construction. As I get older, now 68, more and more memories and images flood my eyes and heart with sorrow and longing for the America I knew as a boy.




This event brought us together as a nation, but as the years go by, memories and emotions fade. Although folks still say they will never forget, always remember and so forth, I hope the new memorial will keep the heartbeat fresh and strong to remind us the drumbeat must never weaken nor fade for freedom.




The Twin Towers were the centerpieces of the World Trade Center complex. At 110 stories each they were, for a brief period, the tallest buildings in the world. They attracted an amazing 70,000 visitors and workers daily.




They could be seen over 45 miles away. I suspect even further, as I can see,on a clear day, Chicago's buildings across Lake Michigan, and that is 60 miles.




Honoring the lives of those lost will be a 16 acre Memorial and tribute to those lost and a place for hope for the years to come.




The internet is rife with information and images of the new Memorial. I wish I had space here to include many of the pictures we took while visiting.




I hope to be there for the grand opening and have a small plan in which I will need help from all corners to implement.




I acquired a wonderful momemto of that fateful day; A $50 Gold American Eagle, Graded by PCGS as MS70 and given a special label designation as follows: 1998 $50 Gold Eagle. PCGS MS70 9-11-01 WTC Ground Zero Recovery




This coin was, as others, recovered after the event. There were 73 of these 1998 coins graded 70, but only one with the WTC label and none other. There are two 1991 in 70, but only one in 1998.




I would like to, somehow include this coin in the memorial event but have no idea on how to do it. I feel it should be there as it is part and parcel of the event. No modern coin has this history, and this rare. Not even the $32,000.00 1987. There are 13 but with no history. This coin is a real piece of history. It needs to be shown at the opening of the memorial. I would consider putting it on loan for a time. Security and costs may prohibit that quest.




Only 73 of this date are in MS 70, and this is the ONLY WTC coin.




Any suggestions would be appreciated. In the meantime, enjoy the photo and get in touch with any ideas, either thru this forum, or my email, dragonslayir@aol.com




All enjoy and NEVER FORGET.




Capt. Brian Bobbitt



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