20th Century Type set will not accept a coin in inventory

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Tried to enter a Lincoln Memorial into my 20th Century Series Type Set Proofs & Non-Proofs, No Gold but it will not allow me. When I check the points chart, 1992 is not listed. It goes from 1991 right to 1993.


My coin


Coin Date: 1992

Cert#: 3783765-005

Grade: MS68RD


Thank you


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Thanks for the question. You should be fine to enter your coin now. You may also follow the directions, below:


RE: **NGC: Coin is not showing as AVAILABLE or is NOT VALID FOR SLOT


You may manually enter in your coin, although it may not appear as 1 AVAILABLE COIN.


When you are in EDIT SET mode, go ahead and click on NGC, NCS, or PCGS as the grader. Then manually type in the cert. number in the box provided in the Cert # column.


Scroll down and SAVE your changes.


When you receive any automated messages that say, "This coin is not valid for this slot...," and, "Are you sure you want to save...?" Please go ahead, and say YES. This generates an automated process where we receive the same message and all of the details involved. Then with a few clicks, we can easily and quickly add your coin to that set for you. After we add the coin(s), you will receive a message saying the coin was added to your set(s). If you have further questions, please let us know.


Thank you for your interest in NGC.

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