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NGC as added many varieties to the Panda 10 Yuan sets such as Large D/small d - frosted/mirrored etc


There are many varieties being reported in the China Panda S5Y coins


1994 - Frosted area/ Mirrored area

1995 - small date - Frosted gap/ Mirrored Gap - recognized by PCGS

1996 - rounded shoulder/pointed shoulder

1998 - Thick branch/thin branch - recognized by PCGS

- Offset date/ non offset date

plus there may be others in Panda books and Panda blogs


Is NGC considering adding any of these varieties to S5Y coins


Thank you



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Thank you for the inquiry, CT104.


NGC is aware of many Chinese varieties and is continually adding them. NGC must first verify that the variety is significant enough and must view the variety first hand. NGC currently is adding, on average, one to two new varieties a month.


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