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To Sell or not to Sell....


I know we all collect for different reasons and we, at times, change the direction what we collect and certain times.


I started the SAE set a few years back. Silver was low so I expected to buy the West Point Eagles directly from the US Mint. I could afford to buy around 10 of them and hopefully find a few that could be MS70 to keep one and sell the rest to support "the habit".....collecting that is. I know I would never be able to afford to purchase those earlier than 2000 year.

There is some satisfaction knowing you yourself found that MS70.


Now, the US Mint offers at least five different types each year since 2011. Which none of which, except the real West Point, would I be able to purchase raw to submit for grading. Don't even get me started why there are so many different labels, what was wrong with just the straight up original Brown Label?


Anyways... My dilemma is.... to sell or not to sell. My decision to sell now has been a family issue and to do the right thing. I thought I would only sell when I retire but I can see that most would not increase in value enough to hold out. I am almost 59....yikes...sounds old when you type it... lol


I recently learned that my oldest daughter who is a single mother raising two grandkids..and a recurring Cancer. It is treatable and she has recovered nicely but she had two jobs which both employers dismissed her because she missed too much work trying to recover from the Cancer treatments. She is still trying to find work again but she may just face the stigma that some employers might shy away from.


In closing, If any member is interested in one or two or all of my Silver Eagle collection, drop me a line with an offer. Who knows what the future holds but I may some day acquire some Eagles again.


Excuse my going on and on... and Thanks for listening!




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Hi Keith,


Sorry to hear about your daughter. I wish her the best in her fight against cancer and in finding work. It's a testament to your quality as a father wanting to do everything you can for your daughter and grandkids.


Sorry I can't help with any purchases of you SAEs. But if you decide to get back into the Eagles, tailor your collection to something specific like proofs. I couldn't afford all the different SAEs coming out each year, so I went with collecting the anniversary/specialty sets. It's less expensive then trying to get every SAE release and I still get the "fix" I need for silver eagles..


Best wishes to you and your family.



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Hi Keith, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Although I cannot help you with any purchases as I stick to pennies but I am sure with all the SAE collectors on here you will find your buyers. It seems that the collecting community comes together in times like these. I wish you the best of luck

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