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Hi, I've been away from here for quite some time. It feels good to be back reading posts from some very knowledgeable people.


I'm currently in need of some funds. This is due to me trying to do the right thing as pay off some debt.


Of the coins I have they have all increased in value. I can't figure out which coins to sell as some are key dates and some are low mintage's or both.


Here's what I have that I'm looking at selling:

2006 1oz Gold Buffalo Proof

2007 1oz Gold Buffalo Proof

2009 1oz Gold Buffalo Proof

2010 1oz Gold Buffalo Proof

2011 1oz Gold Buffalo Proof

2012 1oz Gold Buffalo Proof


2008-W 1oz Gold Buffalo uncirculated


2008-W 1oz Platinum uncirculated (I have two of these)


2007 First Spouses (3) Proof 69 and 1 Proof 70. These include: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Jefferson's Liberty and Dolley Madison(PF70UC)


1905 Lewis and Clark MS-64(National Numismatic Certification)


I just want to sell a few of them, to start with.


My big problem is that I don't want to sell any of them but I should as it's the right thing to do.


Key coins in above list are the 2008W Buffalo 1oz and possibly the 2012 proof Buffalo. The platinum coins are also the key coins.


Any guidance will be appreciated.

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I'm still here all! I just have been busy with my medical issues. I won't go into the details here but if someone wants to know what medical problems I can elaborate in a private message.


Anyway, I took my list of coins to the local coin shop to ask their opinion on what to sell when you don't want to sell any of them. They thought I'd have the least regret if I was to sell the 2007 first spouses. Since they showed no interest in buying them I like to think they were being honest.


I have gotten back to all that PM'd me and I'd like to thank you all for your patience.

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