NGC Registry - Updates & Announcements (03/22/2019)
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We are very excited about the *NEW* release of the NGC Registry! Featuring vivid new graphics, the ability to upload NGC photos to your sets, and so many more new features, we invite you to check it out here:

Are you thinking ahead to the 2019 NGC Registry awards? If so, please note that your set must be VISIBLE (not "obscured") by July 1, 2019 to be eligible for the 2019 NGC Registry awards. The 2019 deadline to make any changes to your sets will be December 6, 2019.

We want to continue to ensure that the NGC REGISTRY is the best and brightest place to showcase your coins. Don't see a slot or a set for a coin of yours? Shoot us an email at, so we can research where your coin(s) may best fit. Thank you to all of our collectors for participating. Here are the latest updates to the NGC Registry.


Recently Released Sets:


US: Commemoratives: 

  • American Legion 100th Anniversary Set, 2019, Complete
  • Apollo 11, 50th Anniversary Set, 2019, Complete 



  • Piefort Issues, 1981-Date, Proof



  • Silver 1oz or 31g, Lunar Series, 1988-1999, Proof, Including Colorized


Canada - Bullion: 

  • Palladium Maple Leafs, 50 Dollars (1 Ounce), 2005-Date, Mint State


Costa Rica:

  • Countermarked Coinage, Type I, Type Set, 1841-42, Circulation Issue 
  • Countermarked Coinage, Type III, Type Set, 1845, Circulation Issue 
  • Countermarked Coinage, Type V, Type Set, 1846-58, Circulation Issue
  • Countermarked Coinage, Type VIII, Type Set, 1923, Circulation Issue
  • Countermarked Coinage, Type IX, Type Set, 1923, Circulation Issue



  • One Pound, 1986-Date, Circulation Issue
  • One Pound, 1986-Date, Proof
  • Euro Coinage Type Set, 2008-Date, Mint State
  • Euro Coinage Type Set, 2008-Date, Proof (No Gold)



  • Silver Medallic Coinage Type Set, 1928-1934, Circulation Issue



  • 1/20 Qirsh, AH1293-AH1327, Complete Circulation Issue
  • United Arab Republic, AH1377/1958-AH1391/1971, Proof
  • Fuad l, 1922-1936, Specimen, Complete
  • Silver 100 Pounds, Commemorative Issues, AH1430//2009-Date, Mint State & Proof
  • Gold 5 Pounds, 1955-Date, Mint State and Proof



  • Silver 50 Euros, 2003-Date, Proof 


Great Britain – Decimal:

  • Silver 10 Pence, Great British Coin Hunt Series, 2018, Proof 


Great Britain-Type Sets: 

  • Crown, One-Per-Ruler Type Set, George II-Elizabeth II, Proof


Iran: (New Category Jan. 2019!)

  • 5 Rials, SH1310-SH1313, Circulation Issue
  • 5 Rials, SH1347-SH1357, Circulation Issue
  • 10 Rials, SH1333-SH1344, Circulation Issue
  • 20 Rials, Type Set, SH1350-SH1358, Circulation Issue
  • 1/4 Pahlavi SH1353-SH1358, Circulation Issue
  • 1/2 Pahlavi, SH1320-SH1323, Circulation Issue
  • 1/2 Pahlavi, SH1324-SH1330, Circulation Issue
  • 1/2 Pahlavi, SH1330-SH1353, Circulation Issue
  • 1/2 Pahlavi, SH1354-SH1358, Circulation Issue
  • Silver 2000 Dinars, AH1331-AH1344
  • 50 Dinars, SH1315-SH1332, Circulation Issue
  • Rial, SH1331-SH1337, Circulation Issue
  • 2 Rials, SH1322-SH1330, Circulation Issue



  • Faisal II, AH1358//1939-1958, Proof, Complete
  • Faisal I, AH1349//1931-AH1352//1933, Circulation Issue
  • Ghazi I, AH1352//1933-AH1358//1939, Circulation Issue
  • Faisal II, AH1358//1939-1958, Circulation Issue


Isle of Man:

  • Silver Angel, 1995-Date, Proof
  • Crown, Harry Potter Series, 2001-2002, Mint State, Complete



  • 1991 Proof Set



  • Hussein, Type Set, AH1374-AH1416 (1955-1996), (No Silver or Gold), Proof
  • Hussein, Type Set, AH1374-AH1416 (1955-1996), (No Silver or Gold), Circulation Issue



  • World War II Coinage, 1941, Circulation Issue
  • French Protectorate, Standard Coinage, Type Set, 1924-1941, Circulation Issue 



  • Bi-Metallic (Silver) 100 Pesos, 180th Anniversary of Federation, Series II, 2005-2007, Mint State



  • Standard Coinage, Type Set, 1906-1914, Proof Complete


Muscat & Oman:

  • Reform Coinage, AH1359-AH1381 (1940-1970), Circulation Issue
  • Reform Coinage, AH1359-AH1381 (1940-1970), Proof


New Zealand:

  • Half Dollars, Commemorative, 2003-Date, Mint State



  • Silver $20, 1994-Date, Proof



  • Crown, 1953, Complete


Romania: (New Category Mar. 2019!)

  • Ban Coinage Type Set, 1859-1947, Circulation Issue
  • Leu Type Set, 1870-1941, Circulation Issue
  • 2 Lei Type Set, 1872-1941, Circulation Issue
  • 5 Lei Type Set, 1880-1942, Circulation Issue
  • 20 Lei Type Set, 1868-1944, Circulation Issue



  • 10 Kopeks, Brass, Reform Coinage, 1997-2006, Circulation Issue
  • 50 Kopeks, Brass, Reform Coinage, 1997-2006, Circulation Issue
  • 50 Kopeks, Brass Clad Steel, Reform Coinage, 2006-Date, Circulation Issue
  • 1 Rouble, 1997-2001, Circulation Issue
  • 2 Roubles, Catherine I, 1726-1727, Circulation Issue
  • 5 Roubles, 1997-1999, Circulation Issue
  • Silver 3 Roubles, Lunar Series, 2003-2014, Proof
  • 25 Roubles, 2011-Date, Mint State



  • Nautical Ounce Series, Silver 50 Francs, 2017-Date, Mint State and Proof


South Africa - Republic: 

  • Natura, Gold, Rise of the Dinosaurs, 2018, Proof
  • 2019 5-Coin Gold Krugerrand Proof Set
  • 2019 6-Coin Silver & Gold Krugerrand Proof Set


Saudia Arabia & Hejaz:

  • Hejaz, First Regular Coinage, AH1334//5- AH1334//6/5 (1920-1921), Complete Circulation Issue
  • Hejaz, Second Regular Coinage, AH1334//8- AH1334//9 (1923-1924), Complete Circulation Issue



  • Silver $5, Lunar Series, 2017-Date, Proof



  • 2 Reales, Charles IV, 1788-1808, Circulation Issue



  • Oscar I, 5 Ore, 1857-1858, Mint State
  • Carl XV, 5 Ore, 1860-1872, Mint State


Syria: (New Category Mar. 2019!)

  • French Protectorate, Type Set, 1921-1940, Circulation Issue
  • Republic, Standard Coinage, AH1366//1947-AH1375//1956, Complete Mint State


Tristan Da Cunha: (New Category Feb. 2019!)

  • Crown, 2013-Date, Proof (No Gold)  



  • Muhammed V, 5 Kurush, Qustantiniyah Mint, AH1327//1 -AH1327//9 (1909-1910), Mint State
  • Muhammed V, 20 Kurush, Qustantiniyah Mint, AH1327//8-1327//10, (1910), Mint State
  • Muhammed V, Mint Visit Coinage, Silver Issues, AH1327//1-AH1327//3 (1910), Mint State


Turks & Caicos Islands:

  • Gold 25 Crowns, 1975-Date, Proof    


United Arab Emirates:

  • Silver 50 Dirhams, AH1400//1980-Date, Proof
  • Silver 100 Dirhams, 1999-Date, Proof
  • Fils, AH1393//1973-Date, Mint State
  • 5 Fils, AH1393//1973-Date, Mint State 
  • 10 Fils, AH1393//1973-Date, Mint State 
  • 25 Fils, AH1393//1973-Date, Mint State
  • 50 Fils, AH1393//1973-Date, Mint State
  • Dirham, Type Set, AH1393//1973-Date, Mint State
  • Gold 500 Dirhams, 1976-Date, Proof             
  • Gold 750 Dirhams, AH1400//1980-Date, Proof
  • Gold 1000 Dirhams, 1976-Date, Proof


Yemen: (New Category Jan. 2019!)

  • Milled Coinage, Type Set, AH1382-AH1384 (1962-1964), Circulation Issue
  • Seiyun & Tarim, AH1258-AH1315 (1842-1897), Circulation Issue 
  • Saleh ‘Ubayd bin Abdat, Standard Coinage, AH1339-AH1358 (1920-1939), Circulation Issue


Recently Score Updates:

  • Silver Eagles - completed
  • Washington Quarters 1932-1998, Circulation Issue - completed
  • Washington Quarters 1950-1998, Proof Issue - completed
  • Kennedy Half Dollars, Circulation Issue and Proof coinage


Edited by Ali E.

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Guest Golddog3



I'd like to see a combined multi-country set/s created for sovereigns that includes all mint marks which would include: London, Great Britain (no mint mark); Perth (P), Melbourne (M), and Sydney (S) Australia; Ottawa © Canada; Bombay (I) India; and Pretoria (SA) South Africa.


For each of the circulation sets - Victoria, Edward VII, and George V.


Currently there are registry sets for each country, but not a combined multi-country registry set for those of us that collect all mint marks - not just a single country.


Thanks for considering

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Thanks for the request. We have added slots for the 2013 Canada coins. Let us know if you need further assistance.



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Thanks for the request. We will be happy to add the slot after the annual NGC Registry award deadline passes in December.

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Hi Ali..I had sent you a long post explaining how mixed up the Canadian proof dime sets were ( you essentially have tried to make a seperate silver issue set when all of the coins since 1996 have been silver anyhow)...


Now it appears as if the contagion of adding mythical slots/coins or seperate slots for the same coins has spread....


The $2 Canada "Twonies" now have strange slots for plain " 2003 Polar Bear" and a second slot for "2003 Silver Gilt"...well ALL OF THE 2003 coins are silver with gold gilt center....( same with 2004 which you have also mixed up with added slots).. there is no need for seperate "silver gilt" slots !! All of the twonies since 1999 are silver with gold gilt center ( the exceptions are the coins where they use real 22k gold centers)


The 2003 and 2004 Twonie is the same coin as the 2003 and 2004 "silver gilt" twonie...


I've noticed that some of the slabs now have the word gilt on them and some don't--this, unfortunately, is just an error on NGC's part with inconsistency--as once again--there is only one type of metal content and issue for 2003 and 2004 Proof twonies...


If you look at the #1 ranked set--the gentleman actually has a complete guys have made up redundant slots for the same coins but with different wording on the slabs..... ( same with the dimes--however with the dimes you have the first set correct and then some strange partial set creation of "silver dimes" which contains only those minted since 2000)

Edited by jackson64

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Hello, and thanks for the message.

Registry information is modeled as closely as possible to information that comes from our grading database/slabs. Our researchers are looking into your comments. Thank you.

Edited by Ali E.

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2,870 posts

Could you continue the S$1 COMMEMORATIVE (1983-DATE) past the current 2010 last date listed.



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Hello, and thanks for the request.

You may manually add any coin you have for a slot in a TYPE SET. Please follow the directions, below, if you need assistance.


You may manually enter in your coin, although it may not appear as 1 AVAILABLE COIN.


When you are in EDIT SET mode, go ahead and click on NGC, NCS, or PCGS as the grader. Then manually type in the cert. number in the box provided in the Cert # column.


Scroll down and SAVE your changes.


When you receive any automated messages that say, "This coin is not valid for this slot...," and, "Are you sure you want to save...?" Please go ahead, and say YES. This generates an automated process where we receive the same message and all of the details involved. Then with a few clicks, we can easily and quickly add your coin to that set for you. After we add the coin(s), you will receive a message saying the coin was added to your set(s). If you have further questions, please let us know.


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Please add the following coins to these sets:


Canada Silver $5, Commemorative Issues, 1998-Date

2014 Bank Notes - George Slaying Dragon


Canada Silver $20, Single Issue Commemorative, 2007-Date:

2014 Colorized Caribou

2014 Lake Superior Enameled

2014 Scutellosaurus Dinosaur



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Thanks for the request, Jwillie33. We will add those slots soon.

Edited by Ali E.

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1,170 posts

Thanks for the request, Jwillie.

We actually added that one yesterday.

Edited by Ali E.

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