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Welcome to the NGC Registry!

Please note, NGC is fully operational, and we are always here to assist with your coin collecting needs. Reach us at with any of your questions or requests. We are happy to help. :bigsmile:

Every year, NGC gives awards to the top Competitive Sets and Custom Sets in the NGC Registry. ***Winners will be announced January 8, 2021***.

The NGC Registry is a free online platform where collectors register and display their certified coins and compete against other collectors around the world for recognition and prizes. This popular resource now boasts nearly 17,000 users, 150,000 registered sets and 1.2 million registered coins.

In 2020, the NGC Registry will award more than $25,000 in prizes, a 25% increase over last year, a record amount for the world's most popular coin collecting platform! The deadline was at  10 a.m. EST on December 4, 2020. Winners of major NGC Registry awards will receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their NGC Registry set and a $500 NGC grading credit! This year, major NGC Registry award winners will also receive an NGC-certified coin with a special label and pedigree worth approximately $100.  Important Note: Private sets will not be considered for any award type. If an owner of a private set wishes to compete for awards and have the rank of their set displayed, they must have changed their set from private to public by July 1, 2020.

We want to continue to ensure that the NGC Registry is the best and brightest place to showcase your coins. It is our goal to serve all your coin-collecting needs. Need a slot? Click here. Need a new Set Category? Click here.


    Recently Released Set Categories:


    Multi-Country (Incl. Euro): 

    Sydney, 2000 Olympics Coinage, Complete

    The Mayflower Voyage - 400th Anniversary, US and Great Britain, 2020, Complete 


    United States:

    • Commemoratives: Basketball Hall of Fame Commemoratives, 2020, Complete
    • Tokens and Medals: Women's Suffrage Centennial, 2020-2021, Complete
    • Tokens and Medals: Jamul Nation, Silver Dollar, 2015-Date, Proof
    • Dimes: Roosevelt Dimes, Silver, 1992-Date, Proof
    • American Eagles & Bullion Coins: Burnished Platinum Eagles, 2006-2008, Mint State
    • Quarter Dollars: West Point National Parks Quarters, 2019-Date, Circulation Issue
    • American Eagles & Bullion Coins: Gold Bullion Issues, 1986-Date, Proof
    • American Eagles & Bullion Coins: 2020 P America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Coins, Specimen 
    • American Eagles & Bullion Coins: 2020 P America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Coins, Mint State 

    Australia - Commemorative:

    • Silver $30, 2000-Date, Proof 
    • Silver $10, 1982-Date, Mint State
    • Dollar, 2004-Date, Mint State
    • Twenty Cents, Copper-Nickel, Commemorative, 2001-Date, Proof
    • Twenty Cents, Silver, Commemorative, 1998-Date, Proof
    • Twenty-Five Cents, Silver, Commemorative, 1988-Date, Proof
    • Silver $10, 10oz, 2001-Date, Proof

    Australia - Decimal:  

    • Twenty Cents, Silver, Platypus, 1991-Date, Proof

    Australia - Lunar: 

    • Silver $5, 2019-Date, Proof


    • 5 Schilling, 1934-1936, Circulation Issue


    • Sol, 1827-1863, Type Set, Circulation Issue
    • 2 Sols, 1827-1863, Type Set, Circulation Issue

    China - Commemorative:

    • (2020) Fighting Against COVID-19 Medals, Complete
    • 5 Yuan, 2001-Date, Mint State
    • 2020 Auspicious Culture Set
    • Gold 50 Yuan, 2015-Date, Proof
    • 600th Anniversary of the Forbidden City, 2020, Complete Proof
    • 70th Anniversary of the People's Republic, 2019, Proof
    • 1999 Shanghai Building Series, Gold 1/4oz, Proof
    • Endangered Wildlife, 36mm Silvered Brass, 1999, Proof
    • Dragon Dollar, Copper 40mm Medals, 2019-Date, Mint State and Proof
    • Dragon Dollar, Silver 1oz or 30g Medals, 2019-Date, Mint State and Proof
    • 2000 Hoopoe Bird Set, Proof

    China - Lunar:

    • Lunar Medals, 8g, Silver, 2017-2028, Proof

    China – Panda:

    • Panda Medals, Official Mint Medals, 2020, Complete
    • 2020 Gold Panda 5 Coin Set, Mint State

    Costa Rica:

    • 500 Colones, 2000-Date, Mint State and Proof (No Gold)
    • 2 Colones, 1948-1984, Complete Circulation Issue


    • Contribution Issues, 1897-1898, Complete
    • Peso, Copper, 1988-1995, Mint State


    • 5 Mils, 1963-1982, Circulation Issue

    German States:

    • Bavaria, 2 Gulden, 1845-1855, Circulation Issue
    • Saxony-Albertine, Taler, Type Set, 1806-1827, Circulation Issue
    • Saxony-Albertine, 1/6 Taler, Type Set, 1806-1871, Circulation Issue

    Isle of Man:

    • Silver Crown, Commemorative, 1974-Date, Proof
    • Gold 1/20 Angel, Elizabeth II, 1986-Date, Proof
    • Gold 1/4 Angel, Elizabeth II, 1985-Date, Proof
    • Gold 1/2 Angel, Elizabeth II, 1984-Date, Proof
    • Silver 5 Crown, Commemorative, 1987-Date, Proof
    • Silver Noble, 2011-Date, Proof
    • Crown, Cat Series, 1970-Date, Proof
    • Platinum 1/25 Crown, Cat Series, 1989-Date, Mint State
    • Platinum 1/25 Crown, Cat Series, 1989-Date, Proof
    • Platinum 1/10 Crown, Cat Series, 1989-Date, Mint State
    • Platinum 1/10 Crown, Cat Series, 1989-Date, Proof
    • Platinum 1/5 Crown, Cat Series, 1989-Date, Mint State
    • Platinum 1/5 Crown, Cat Series, 1989-Date, Proof
    • 50 Pence, Copper Nickel, 1971-Date, Proof 
    • Gold 1/25 Crown, Cat Series, Elizabeth ll, 1988-Date, Mint State
    • Gold 1/25 Crown, Cat Series, Elizabeth ll, 1988-Date, Proof
    • Gold 1/5 Crown, Cat Series, 1988-Date, Mint State
    • Gold 1/5 Crown, Cat Series, 1988-Date, Proof
    • Gold 1/5 Crown, Commemorative, 1989-Date, Proof
    • Crown, Copper-Nickel, 1978-Date, Mint State


    • 2 Lira, 1946-1950, Circulation Issue
    • Lira, Aluminum, 1946-1950, Circulation Issue
    • Lira, Kingdom of Napoleon, 1808M-1814M/V, Circulation Issue


    • 20 Centavos, Aluminum-Bronze, 1992-Date, Circulation Issue

    New Zealand: 

    • Five Cents (Elizabeth II) 1967-Date, Circulation Issue


    • Silver $2, 2021, Proof
    • Silver $1, 2020, Proof
    • Silver $1, 2018-Date, Trade Dollar Restrikes, Proof


    • 2 Centavos, 1863-1879, Circulation Issue


    • Russia:

      5 Roubles, Silver, Moscow Olympics, 1977-1980, Complete

      Denga (1/2 Kopek), 1783-1795, Circulation Issue


    • Gold $100, 1975-Date, Proof 
    • Silver $20, Lunar Series, 5oz High Relief, 2017-2028, Proof


    • Standard Coinage Type Set, 1939-1945, Mint State

    Solomon Islands: 

    • Silver $5, 2007-Date, Mint State
    • Gold $100, 1978-1995, Proof


    • Silver 5 Pounds, 1976-1984, Proof


    • 5 Francs, Commemorative, 1855-Date, Specimen


    • Silver 5 Piastres, AH1265-AH1271, (1850-1855), Circulation Issue


    • Muhammed V, 10K Qustantiniyah Mint AH1327//1-AH1327//10(1909-1918) Mint State
    • Kurush, AH1255//7 - AH1255//23 (1839-1861), Circulation Issue

    United Kingdom: Great Britain - Decimal (1971 - Date): 

    • Silver 500 Pounds, Commemorative, 2012-Date, Proof
    • Gold 5 Pounds, Elizabeth II, 1990-Date, Proof
    • Gold 100 Pound, Lunar Series, 2014-2025, Mint State
    • Gold 200 Pounds, Commemorative, 2019-Date, Proof
    • Silver 50 Pence, 2009-2011, Mint State
    • 2020 Annual Coin Set Coinage, Mint State  

    United Kingdom: Great Britain - Proof Sets:

    • 2015 Silver Proof Set Coinage
    • 2016 Silver Proof Set Coinage

    United Kingdom: Great Britain - Sovereigns and Bullion:  

    • Britannia, Gold 1/40oz, 50 Pence, 2017-Date, Proof
    • Gold 1000 Pounds, The Queen's Beasts, 2017-Date, Proof
    • Britannia, Gold 1/40oz, 50 Pence, 2014-Date, Proof
    • Britannia, Silver 500 Pounds, 1 Kilo, 2018-Date, Proof
    • Gold 10 Pound, Lunar Series, Elizabeth II, 2014-2025, Complete
    • Gold 50 Pence, Commemorative Issue, 2014-Date, Proof 
    • 5 Sovereign, 1826-1893, Mint State and Proof


    • Silver Commemorative Issues, 1973-Date, Mint State & Proof
    • Gold Commemorative Issues, 1975-Date, Mint State & Proof
    • Reform Coinage, Type Set, 2007-Date, Circulation Issue


    Pending score updates:

    • Canada - Commemorative: Cent, Commemorative Issues, 2002-Date, Proof
    • US: Gold - Double Eagles: Liberty Head Double Eagles, Type 3, 1877-1907, Proof Issues
    • US: Gold - Double Eagles: Liberty Head Double Eagles, Type 1, 1850-1866, Proof Issues
    • US: Gold - Double Eagles: Liberty Head Double Eagles, Type 2, 1866-1876, Proof Issue
    • GB-Decimal: Silver Two Pounds, Commemorative, Elizabeth II, 1986-Date, Proof
    • US: Dollars: Susan B. Anthony Dollars
    • US: Nickels: Jefferson Nickels 1938-Date, Complete Set
    • US: Dollars: Susan B. Anthony Dollars 1979-1999, Proof
    • US: Dollars: Susan B. Anthony Dollars 1979-1999, Complete
    • US: Dollars: All Morgan sets and GSA sets

    Recent score updates:

    • Malaysia: Silver 25 Ringgit, 1976-Date, Circulation Issue
    • Netherlands: 1/2 Cent, 1901-1940, Circulation Issue
    • US Sets  Commemoratives: Norse American Medals, 1925
    • South Africa – Union: Gold Sovereign, George V, 1923-1932, Circulation Issue
    • Hungary: Korona, 1892-1906, Circulation Issue
    • Canada: Five Cents, Edward VII, 1902-1910, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties
    • Costa Rica: Silver Commemoratives, Type Set, 1970-Date, Mint State and Proof
    • Ecuador: Sucre, 1884-1897, Circulation Issue
    • US: Half Cents: Classic Head Half Cents, 1809-1835, Circulation Issue
    • Cuba: First Republic, 1915-1961, Complete Circulation Issue
    • Cuba: Silver Peso, 1915-1953, Complete Proof
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    Guest Golddog3



    I'd like to see a combined multi-country set/s created for sovereigns that includes all mint marks which would include: London, Great Britain (no mint mark); Perth (P), Melbourne (M), and Sydney (S) Australia; Ottawa © Canada; Bombay (I) India; and Pretoria (SA) South Africa.


    For each of the circulation sets - Victoria, Edward VII, and George V.


    Currently there are registry sets for each country, but not a combined multi-country registry set for those of us that collect all mint marks - not just a single country.


    Thanks for considering

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    Hi Ali..I had sent you a long post explaining how mixed up the Canadian proof dime sets were ( you essentially have tried to make a seperate silver issue set when all of the coins since 1996 have been silver anyhow)...


    Now it appears as if the contagion of adding mythical slots/coins or seperate slots for the same coins has spread....


    The $2 Canada "Twonies" now have strange slots for plain " 2003 Polar Bear" and a second slot for "2003 Silver Gilt"...well ALL OF THE 2003 coins are silver with gold gilt center....( same with 2004 which you have also mixed up with added slots).. there is no need for seperate "silver gilt" slots !! All of the twonies since 1999 are silver with gold gilt center ( the exceptions are the coins where they use real 22k gold centers)


    The 2003 and 2004 Twonie is the same coin as the 2003 and 2004 "silver gilt" twonie...


    I've noticed that some of the slabs now have the word gilt on them and some don't--this, unfortunately, is just an error on NGC's part with inconsistency--as once again--there is only one type of metal content and issue for 2003 and 2004 Proof twonies...


    If you look at the #1 ranked set--the gentleman actually has a complete guys have made up redundant slots for the same coins but with different wording on the slabs..... ( same with the dimes--however with the dimes you have the first set correct and then some strange partial set creation of "silver dimes" which contains only those minted since 2000)

    Edited by jackson64
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    • Administrator

    Hello, and thanks for the message.

    Registry information is modeled as closely as possible to information that comes from our grading database/slabs. Our researchers are looking into your comments. Thank you.

    Edited by Ali E.
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    • Administrator

    Hello, and thanks for the request.

    You may manually add any coin you have for a slot in a TYPE SET. Please follow the directions, below, if you need assistance.


    You may manually enter in your coin, although it may not appear as 1 AVAILABLE COIN.


    When you are in EDIT SET mode, go ahead and click on NGC, NCS, or PCGS as the grader. Then manually type in the cert. number in the box provided in the Cert # column.


    Scroll down and SAVE your changes.


    When you receive any automated messages that say, "This coin is not valid for this slot...," and, "Are you sure you want to save...?" Please go ahead, and say YES. This generates an automated process where we receive the same message and all of the details involved. Then with a few clicks, we can easily and quickly add your coin to that set for you. After we add the coin(s), you will receive a message saying the coin was added to your set(s). If you have further questions, please let us know.


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    Please add the following coins to these sets:


    Canada Silver $5, Commemorative Issues, 1998-Date

    2014 Bank Notes - George Slaying Dragon


    Canada Silver $20, Single Issue Commemorative, 2007-Date:

    2014 Colorized Caribou

    2014 Lake Superior Enameled

    2014 Scutellosaurus Dinosaur



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