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Okay Arch - I hate to be an immediate trouble maker here, but this is just a tiny request! How about at the head of each of the sets, a link to a complete table of the scores for all of the coins in the set (as you would have by combining what you get by clicking on the coin's "Coin Description" when viewing a set).


Head down, hands over head, Hoot

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NO SOUP FOR YOU! grin.gifgrin.gif


Sounds like a good idea. I had considered it before, but I was afraid that the resulting page would be too hefty for some sets. For instance, some of the cents sets or the type sets would get pretty obnoxiously long...


But maybe that's ok?



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BOILER78 I don't think it's..."Arch likes Spooly more"


It's more like "Spooly is a major pain in the @ss!!! smile.gif



Arch hits pretty hard.....and pulls no punches..... I have opened PM's from Arch and had my keyboard burst into flames!



That's why I like Arch.....he is a straight shooter!

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