Full Band Roosevelt dimes, Neat proof Franklins on eBay others too

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Hi Everybody. I have a neat 1956 Franklin on eBay. It is graded NGC PF 67. It is in an old "fat" holder before they started putting bar codes on the labels. Anyway it is a good coin almost cameo, the bell is Ultra. The current bid (Thurs at 1 PM PST) is less than a buck.


I have some tougher date FB Roosies listed as well as two commems and a 1914 $2 1/2 Indian.


As always I have a full set of proof Jefferson nickels listed on my website. I have some NGC proof Jeffs too, I just haven't gotten to list them yet.


I also have most every date proof JFK, but not listed so please ask.


Thanks for looking!

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