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"test drove the stuff, and I’m thoroughly satisfied

I give this 5 stars"




"Scratch Away is really amazing stuff. Bought a bottle and the difference is absolutely fantastic. Worth every penny. I plan on purchasing additional bottles. It's GREAT!!!"




"I've used it 3 times and it works very good. Yep, I'm satisfied... the product is HepKitty approved!"




"Hi Steve;

I received your product today and immediately applied to 2 of my older slabs. I don't know what else to say but...LIKE WOW! It works! Thanks, I'm going to be slab happy all weekend...:D"



Comments from other users:


"It's kinda expensive, but it does work."

M.J.W., Plano, TX


"SCRATCH AWAY cleaned up my slabs very well, but it didn't take out the deep cut from my son's pocket knife."

J. Sullivan, Annapolis, MD


"SCRATCH AWAY does not cure the flu."

ABCDEFG., Seyoisfjordur, Iceland




Scratch Away is specially formulated to quickly and easily remove or reduce scratches and improve the appearance of scratched slabs. Not a miracle compound, but it does do a good job on most scratches. I have several dozen 1 oz bottles of the stuff (one bottle is good for about 50 slabs).


$12 / bottle including S&H. If interested send me a PM or email:


Special offer for Forum members - order by December 15, 2003 and get 2 bottles for only $18 - never an additional S&H charge!


Scratch Away Order Info


It's not cheap, but it works.





P.S. Not recommended for "cleaning coins" or applying to body parts that are normally scratched. :Q :thumbsdown; Scratch Away Order Info

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