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Hi John - With respect to modern issues, can coins be submitted for grading in their original Mint holders, e.g. proof sets (multiple coins) or individually encapsulated coins? It is sometimes difficult to crack coins out of those holders and I would assume that NGC might have methods that are potentially safer for the coins.


Thanks! Hoot

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Hello Hoot.

Officially, we have no service for removing coins from government holders. However, we are open to doing it (and have done it) on a case by case basis when larger quantities are involved (usually prescreens with a minimum grade or "grade them all" and usually 100 or more of the same item) and for an additional charge per holder removed. Unfortunately, we're not able to do it on smaller quantities. If this is of interest to you now or at any time in the future you should contact receiving manager Scott Heller here at NGC referencing this message.


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