Show me your Star Designation!
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Lehigh how does gold tone like that? I've never seen that before.



Improper mix of metals usually....other times it just the copper in the gold that kinda leaches to the surface.....that's either the second one I have seen of it's the same coin. You didn't buy that from Bestclser did you? (thumbs u

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I talked myself into it. Here is something you don't see everyday but I have shown it before.




That's wild. Oddly, I had a similar coin and it was also a 1924. Not as vivid though nor was it a star.



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Nice coin! :applause:


Since my pics are terrible, I will post the seller's pics whenever possible until I can get my coins professionally imaged.





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Here is a couple of Kennedy's that has the star designation. I used an indirect lighting effect for the photography. I thought these might make nice give-away gifts for the future.


1966 SMS 50c MS66*





1972-S 50c PF68*





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