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Vey nice SLQ Mark. If you ever get tired of it.....

Here's another star that I have 1882-s MS65. It's nice, but I have to admit I'm not quite sure it's worthy of the * designation (the reverse is blast white)


IMG_0583.jpg[/img] :


It is worthy !!

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Resurrecting an old thread so I can add my two Star coins and also capture some who have not posted theirs yet (or their pics were subsequently deleted from an earlier post in this thread).


The Franklin was previously posted in this thread, but I have better pics from Todd Pollock. The large cent was posted previously in my FUN show report, but want to add it to this thead!







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Here's a few and wide range to boot.............Nice pick up on that copper Catbert. I fell asleep on that one. MJ

Hudson 66*


Ft Vancouver 66*


1947 66*


1941-D 67*


And a F-15* for kicks


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Thank you Ty for resurrecting this thread. Ty, MJ and Shane what a gorgeous group of coins with superior eye appeal. I never grow tired of toned coins with character and to have NGC stamp it as a *star* is icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing and would love to see more. I also love some of the star cameo's as well.

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Chris is holding out on us...I know for a fact he recently picked up a pretty little star designated Morgan (worship)


Let me rephrase that.............Why should I buy them at or near market price when I can get them from you for next to nothing . :takeit: :takeit: :takeit:


I only have two and I think I got them both from you.



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Well I think you are getting them for fair market value...I just think most of the other sellers of toned material are way out of touch with true values lol



That is evident when reviewing BIN prices for rainbow toned Morgans on Ebay or in the case of the FUN show....walking the isles and looking in dealers cases :devil:

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