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Love that Walker! Here is a 41-D in 67*.................MJ




OK, I might actually give in and admit like this coin. Maybe...





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Thanks all. Lehigh you are correct in your observation that these are not easy. Six years into it I still haven't completed the 41-47 dates/mint mark set. I did just view Dale Larsen's complete late date toned set at his Spectrum offices and I was blown away. He did what I'm attempting to do a while ago. The bastage!


I don't think I will ever complete the 33-47 toned set. Some dates/mm's just don't come toned. Several have told me it's impossible.Yet, I sally forth.......


Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It means the world to me.


Jom, there is hope for you yet : )



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I have a NGC proof franklin with no star that if it was resubmitted I bet it would get it. Will need to get someone to take a pic of it, very beautiful rainbow toning! Cant wait to show it

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Shane suggested I send it in for a *designation and thought it would bring about $550


I think everyone was surprised when it brought $1k


I remember that and it surprised me, too. It is now part of the GM CHOW collection of nicely toned Walkers. It is the ONLY 1938 STAR in existence.

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Nice repolish on that 51 dime!


re-polish? not familiar with the term but i'm pretty sure I don't like the implication


It wasn't meant as a negative. In the 1930s and 1940s, proof cameo coins were rarely produced and cameos were highly sought after. By this point in time, the U.S. Mint finally recognized this fact. Cameo contrasts on the original working dies would often wear off quickly; thus, the press operator would often take a wire brush and repolish the devices to produce a cameo effect. This process does leave behind die polish lines on the devices, which are evident on your coin.

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