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I am going to be sending in several mercury dimes for grading. All are full bands, and I'm wondering if being designated "FB" on the holder is a "variety plus" item requiring the additional $5.





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The FB designation is not considered Variety Plus so you would not include the additional $5 per coin.


The $5 fee for Variety Plus is applicable when looking for the following:

Cherrypicker varieties

Red Book varieties

8TF & 7/8TF Morgans by VAM numbers

TOP 100 & HOT 50 Morgans by VAM numbers

Top 50 VAM varieties for Peace Dollars

Half cents by Breen numbers

Large cents by Sheldon & Newcomb numbers

Early half dimes by Logan-McCloskey numbers

Early dimes by John Reich numbers

Early quarters by Browning numbers

Early half dollars by Overton numbers




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